Licos Friction Clutches

  • Licos electromagnetic friction disc clutches and double cone clutches are manufactured in our factory in Markdorf, southwest Germany. The electromagnetic clutches are available in one, two or three/four speed models, with varying torque and power rating and are used in applications ranging from engine fans and water pumps to compressors and alternators.
  • Licos double-cone clutches can be pneumatically or hydraulically operated and are supplied in both failsafe and standard variants for use in break air compressors, superchargers and other applications. The design delivers maximum torque within a tight space envelope.
  • Controllability is an increasingly important driver within the commercial diesel industry and Licos clutch technology has applications across the range of oil, water and hydraulic pumps. The Licos combination of magnetic and friction clutch technology makes it possible to achieve zero-loss performance in high load conditions and offer significant gains in fuel efficiency across a wide range of applications. For example, major OEM customers have declared proven net fuel benefits of up to 1.5 % in water pumps.